ICSM is an international seminar focusing on sustainability research. Held annually during
winter vacations, ICSM discusses topics related to sustainable development. Our first meeting
was held on January 15-17, 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. The date is April 27 to 29, please revise as soon as possible, because many people are asking.

We recognized that the world has been facing the challenges of both environmental protection
and sustainable development during the past few decades. Scholars, researchers, and students
around the world have spent tremendous efforts working on the related issues, from
technology developments, education systems, to management regulations.

ICSM aims at bringing researchers, scientists, and students to a platform where new ideas,
intriguing experiences, and novel research results related to sustainability development can be
disseminated and discussed. It brings together the need to consider solutions that benefit our
environment from various aspects, including science and technology, business, education, and


2021 ICSM serves as a platform for researchers and students to present their latest studies in
the field of Sustainability Research and to provide more research collaboration opportunities
among ASEAN nations such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore,
Brunei, Indonesia, and Myanmar. This conference is expected to further strengthen the
economic bonds between all of the above countries to create new opportunity in the future.

All the accepted papers will be published in the
“Proceeding of International Conference on Sustainability Management (ICSM)"

An e-proceeding will be published in electronic format.

Some selected papers will be recommend to publish in the indexing journals:

Excellent papers will be published in the SCOPUS index journal



No. 3 Soi Ramindra 1, Khwaeng Anusawari, Khet Bang Khen, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10220
(+66)2-552-3500-9, (+66)2-970-5820

Importance Date

Importance Date

Important Date Full paper Submission March 1 to April 10, Notice of acceptance : April 12 Conference date April 27-29



International College, Krirk University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Invited Speakers and Participants From

Invited Speakers and
Participants From:


Professor Dr. Sajal Kabiraj

Professor Dr. Sajal Kabiraj specializes in supply chain management consulting for retail companies and innovation-based market research studies. He has strong international practice area and research experience in multinational corporations such as Datamatics, IndoRama and NOCIL (Petrochemicals), a JV of Royal Dutch Shell-AMG, iCRM (KL, Malaysia), and MMT Center (JIBS, Sweden). He has spent time as a Researcher with Volkswagen Consulting AG, Germany, Schenker Logistics AB, Sweden and Center for Industrial Production, Aalborg, Denmark. He has been actively involved in research studies with Datamatics Inc, Panasonic, Telekom Malaysia, The Coca Cola Company, SIDBI, Jasubhai Media, CIDCO, ONREC (Canada) and Schenker Logistics AB. Sajal presently teaches at the School of Entrepreneurship and Business at Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), Finland. Through his teaching career in China as a tenured Full Professor and elsewhere, he has been awarded the Best Teacher Awards in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2018 for academic research and teaching excellence. His research interests lie in strategic management, organization science, innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology management.

Professor. Dr. Sajal Kabiraj : Future of work: Stories from Finland
Dr. Jian Yao

Dr. Jian Yao

Presentation:Application of Stable Isotope Technique in Tracing the Origin of Gelatin Production

Dr. Jian Yao received her doctorate degree in engineering in 2013 from Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, specializing in nuclear technology and application. Her research direction is monitoring, simulation and traceability of atmospheric particulate matter.

Now Dr. Jian Yao is the leader of the chemical safety group of molten salt chemistry and technology engineering department, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The main research area is chemical safety, including the safety monitoring of toxic elements in air, water and soil and the traceability of pollution sources, chemical waste gas and wastewater treatment technology research and engineering application, etc.

Achievements: Dr. Jian Yao is presiding over one Youth Foundation of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and undertaking one general fund of National Natural Science Foundation of China as the leader of the partner. She has published 10 SCI indexed papers, authorized one invention and one utility model patent.

Professor. Dr. Tariq H. Malik : Progress in Arts and Humanities and Socio-Economic Welfare of Nations

Tariq H. Malik, PhD

Presentation:Progress in Arts and Humanities and Socio-Economic Welfare of Nations

  • Professor of Management (Entrepreneurship/ Innovation/Policy Studies) at Liaoning University
  • Founding Director: International Centre for Organisation & Innovation Studies (ICOIS)
  • Honorary Professor, 2019 to 2029, Krirk University, Bangkok, Thailand


Luca is a Reader in Marketing at Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, London. Luca is the Director of the highly innovative, experiential, collaborative learning-based MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Development at Westminster Business School and Coordinator for the Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Research Group. His research interests are in the areas of marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation and the leading conduct of his research focuses on sociological institutionalism. Luca is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (UK), Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK), Member of the Marketing Science Institute (USA) and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Luca has extensive experience working with students’ start-ups and students-led social enterprises, as well as food and drink SMEs, and he is on the judging panel for Shell’s oil company LiveWIRE start-ups funds. Luca covers the role of European Expert as evaluator and rapporteur for the European Commission on Horizon2020 calls related to sustainable and healthy food manufacturing value chains. Luca is also an entrepreneur and successfully runs a company that specialises in business consulting and training. Luca is on the editorial board of Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Business Research and International Journal of Innovation Studies. He also holds visiting professor positions at the School of Public Affairs, University of Science at Technology of China (Hefei, Anhui), the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Beijing) and at the Institute for International Maritime Studies (Athens, Greece).

Dr. Jian Yao : Application of Stable Isotope Technique in Tracing the Origin of Gelatin Production

Prof. Takaaki Kato

Prof. Takaaki Kato has worked as a specialist of environmental policy evaluation for 25 years. He has investigated responses by the public to waste management, energy saving, and nuclear power generation. He has shed light on people’s responses that were not well documented in the literature. He has conducted many field surveys in Japan, Viet Nam, and other countries. He has also worked in the disaster risk reduction area. His research in this area focuses upon development of the exercise methods for sharing information under emergency situations and investigation of the mechanism for sharing disaster experiences among the public.

Professor. Dr. Soo Hee Lee : Culture Sustainability in the Age of Uncertainty


Prof. Soo Hee Lee

Soo Hee Lee is Professor in Organization Studies at Kent Business School, University ofKent, UK. He is the Director of the Creative City Forum in Korea and a vice-president of the Korean Association for Cultural Economics. His research focuses on institutional underpinnings and behavioral dynamics of creativity, innovation and power. More recently, his research has explored digital convergence and collective creativity in the fields of architecture, fashion, food, contemporary visual art and dance. His work has been published in Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Journal of Management Studies, Organization Studies, and Research Policy.

Professor. Dr. Luca Cacciolatti : The Growth of Start-ups with a Social Mission: A Search for Investment Rounds or Sustainability?

Scientific Committee Chair

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Colin W .K. Chen
International College, Krirk University

Program Committee

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ming-Hsun Hsie
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chenin Chen
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Colin W. K. Chen
Assist.Prof. Dr. Cheng-Jui Tseng
Assist.Prof. Dr. Johnson Hsie
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheng-Kang Chen
Dr. Christine Lin
Dr. Shi-Bin Li
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Philip Wang



· To provide a platform for discussions on Sustainability Studies, particularly on topics related to science, technology, education, and management.
· To promote networking among scholars working on Higher Education and International Education Management
· To strengthen collaboration among the ASEAN Studies associations in ASEAN south eastern countries.

**SCI , SSCI, SCOPUS articles, scientific reports, preliminary results, and proposals will be appreciated. The Secretariat will encourage the students to present sustainability concerns in Southeast Asia.



The organizer invites individual papers and posters related to the conference themes in
English. Significant and original (unpublished) submissions are welcome. Full paper should
be 6-10 pages long with an abstract of 300-500 words. All accepted and full papers will be
included in e-proceedings. Papers are welcome in the following streams

Subject Areas of International Conference of
Sustainability Management (ICSM 2021)

(A) General Management

Business Management

Business Administration,
Supply Chain Management,
Logistic Management,
Operations Management,
Transport Technology,
Information Technology and Management,
Innovative Research,
Economy and Financial Management,
Finance and Accounting

Financial Management

Sustainable Development,
Circular Economy Theory,
Emerging Markets,
Public Health,
Safety Management

Tourism Management

Tourism Business,
Tourism Study,
Health Care,
Hotel Management,
Food and Beverages,
Sports and Leisure

(B)Sustainability Management

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Implementation, Monitoring, and Policies for Sustainable Development,
Changing Consumption Habit,
Disaster Management on Sustainability,
System Analysis of Life Cycle, Assessment and Management,
Sustainable Chemistry and Physics,
Nuclear Safety,
Sustainable Utilization of Resources,
Renewable Energy,
Sustainable Energy,
Ecosystems Maintenance,
Biodiversity Preservation,
Sustainability Education,
Awareness of Sustainability

Earth Science and Sustainability

Ecosystems Maintenance,
Biodiversity Preservation,
Sustainability Education,
Awareness of Sustainability,
Climate Change,
Air Pollution,
Water Pollution and Sanitation,
Industrial Development and Energy Crisis,
Toxic Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes,
Population Explosion,
Impact of globalization on local, national and regional sustainability and stability,
Degradation of ecosystems and species

Other Subjects related to Sustainability Management

Sustainability Science and Environment,
Defining and Quantifying of Sustainable Environment,
Measuring and Monitoring of Sustainability,
Tools for Sustainability,
Applications of Sustainability,
Policies and Laws Relating to Sustainability,
Land Misuse,
Sustainable Production and Consumption,
Effects of Global Climate Change on Development and Sustainability

(C)Social Science and Humanities

Higher Education and Education Management,
Education and Training,
Chinese and English Teaching,
International Student Education,
Music and Drama,
Cultural History,
Local Government,
Religious Studies,
Social Sciences and Sociology,
Cultural Asset Preservation,
Visual Design,
Communication and Media

(D)Other related research topics



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